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At GEMM, we connect global entrepreneurs, investors, and organizations with the business resources they need to bring innovation to market.

Entrepreneurship Opportunities

The university’s Innovation Center guides Innovation Fellows, aspiring entrepreneurs, in refining their business ideas and crafting compelling investor pitches. Meanwhile, GEMM offers a valuable opportunity for impact investors to access a robust network of talented individuals and fundable innovation projects that align with their investment objectives.

Intrapreneurship Opportunities

GEMM is committed to supporting companies in maintaining their prominence and staying true to their purpose by facilitating innovative partnerships with skilled millennials. The program selects top-tier candidates to serve as Innovation Fellows, who collaborate with companies as intrapreneurs to address their innovation needs.

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The GEMM App

“Through the GEMM app, Fellows have access to a range of collaboration opportunities, as well as potential investors whose interests and investment goals align with their purpose, skills, and experience.”


Business and Financial Experience

  • Innovation: Entrepreneurs are the key to success because of their ambition, innovative ideas, skills, and technical knowledge.

  • Expand your Global Presence with Global Emerging Market Manager consulting services

  • Our teams partner with our clients throughout the entire life cycle of transactions from pitch to execution along with a specialized industry & product teams.